Friday, September 2, 2011

frutti fruti the best yooo!!!

assalamualaikum ,

hello to you guys , who's read this post!!!(ape kena ngan aku tetiba cakap english).

First of all , thank to my friend *who else* (wafiy la) .. for spend your money for me!!!... after i woke up from my bed... i heard my phone was ringing then i pick up the phone and I heard wafiy's voice(what's wrong with u dude called me at this time)...
wafiy: hello kopi ka milo...
zul: ye! nape!
wafiy: jum pegi fruitti aku banje!!!
zul: are u sure wafiy!!!
wafiy: tak nak ke?
zul: sapa kata tak nak! nak la!!!..
wafiy : okey, I pick u up around 6 in the evening!
zul: okey!!!..

this is our conversation!!!!!
hahaha At fruitti fruitti!!!

salesmen: please welcome sir!!
zul: thanks!!!
wafiy: can I ask you something, How am i going to use this machine!!!
salesmen: okey ,this one chocolate , this one yam , this one strawberry etc.
zul: okey , let start finish our money ...
Wafiy : jumm.....

di kaunter::::
zul : how much?
salesgirl: rm14.48 ....
zul : okey(kedai ni menteke duit aku ke)
wafiy: how much kak?
salesgirl: rm16.39....
ZUl; i told ya... not to eat to much!!!

hahha ...... whatever ,,, yang pasti sedap aiskrim tu ...!!!

ni wafi sedang khusyuk makan aiskrim ...

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